Product information This silk spaghetti top of Wunderwerk is made of two layers. The top printed layer is made of 100% organic silk and the layer underneath is made of 100% Tencel. The spaghetti top has a low neckline, short wide body and the sides are bit longer then the middle part. The top has a beautiful wild flower print. This unique silk top is a real eye-catcher. A feminine piece that can be worn chique with an a-line skirt but with a high waist jeans it will transform in more day-to-day look.  Brand information Wunderwerk stands for the interaction of fashionable design, comfortable fit and high quality sustainable manufacture throughout the entire production and supply chain. Sustainability is one of the most important values of the label. Respect for human, nature and animals are paramount and is carried through the entire manufacturing process. Both founders are surf- and ocean lovers and therefore the label avoids ‘’plastics’’ in the collection as far as possible. Fabric information ORGANIC SILK Silk is produced from the chrysalis of silkworms and is a natural fiber. Commercially produced silk is not very environmental and animal friendly. Better alternatives are wild silk or organic silk, although costs are very high and quality of cultivated silk is still better. With wild silk the moth damages the silk cocoon when breaking out and with organic silk there are no fertilizers or pesticides used which affects the quality of the silk to a certain extent TENCEL Lyocell or the branded name, Tencel®, is a more environmentally friendly substitute for viscose. It is of botanic origin, since it is extracted from the raw material wood. Tencel fabrics have a beautiful drape, allow your skin to 'breathe' and don’t absorb odors. The fabrics has a luxurious look and feel and is very comfortable to wear! Tencel is sustainable because the fabric is biodegradable, made of renewable material and attention is paid to sourcing wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. Other environmental benefits are that there is no bleaching needed before processing as the fiber is very ‘clean’ by itself. The energy, water and chemical consumption is reduced to a minimum due to the unique closed loop production process. And you can launder clothing made of tencel effectively at a low temperature.
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